Asian Arancini

Asian Arancini | Pretty Polymath

You ever have a cooking fail? Like you messed up the simplest of dishes? I messed up one of the easiest dishes to make last week, I overcooked my brown rice when I was making egg fried rice. It just turned into mush. It tastiest pretty yummy, but it just looked terrible! I decided to salvage…

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Cookie Butter Stuffed Cookies

Cookie Butter Stuffed Cookies | Pretty Polymath

Last night one of my neighbors threw me a MasterChef viewing party. I couldn’t show up empty-handed so I made what I love, cookies! I made chai spiced white chocolate chip cookies and stuffed the middle with my homemade Parle G cookie butter! You can use Biscoff spread as well, just freeze the spread for…

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Khichdi | Pretty Polymath

When I think of the ultimate comfort food, I think of my mom’s khichdi. It’s a rice and mung bean porridge that is mildly spiced and extremely delicious. Khichdi is a very personal dish to many in India. Every state, actually pretty much every family, has its own version of khichdi. People use various lentils, beans…

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Mille Crepe Cake

Crepe Cake | Pretty Polymath

How fancy does that look?  It probably looks super complicated right? Well, it’s not! All you need is whipped cream and crêpes. You can make your own crêpes or buy some from the grocery store, because sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that. Last year I went to Singapore where had my very first mille crêpe cake….

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Vegan Buffalo Wings

Vegan Buffalo Wings | Pretty Polymath

About a month ago I had my very first faux buffalo wing in Rochester, NY at  Owl House Restaurant . Honestly, it’s probably the best faux wings I’ve ever had in my life! It was spicy, sweet, sour, crunchy, meaty with a garlic-y broccoli slaw that was the die for. Ugh…so good. Ever since my trip…

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Fruit Tart

Fruit Tart

Before I begin, let’s just take a quick moment to admire that tart. Seriously, its gorgeous. I’m proud.  The inspiration for this fruit tart came from a dream. Please tell me I’m not the only one who dreams about food all the time.  This fruit tart is a mixture of Indian and French desserts. The crust…

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Meringues - Pretty Polymath

Happy 4th of July! This month the Leftover’s Club members decided to swap 4th of July themed treats! If you’re a food blogger and don’t know what it is check out my first Leftovers club post which explain what it is and how you can join! This month I’m swapping with Faye from Live.Bake.Love . She…

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S’mores Chocolate Tart

S'mores Chocolate Tart - Pretty Polymath

Summer to me means bonfires, lemonade and s’mores. Warm, ooey, gooey, sticky sweet s’mores. Nothing makes a grown ass adult as giddy as making s’mores over a bonfire as the sun sets. The smell of the bonfire and burning marshmallows (don’t act like this doesn’t happen to you) just makes me feel like everything is…

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Homemade Otter Pops

Homemade Otter Pops Recipes | Pretty Polymath

A few months ago I stumbled upon Zipzicle Ice Pop Molds and I’ve been waiting to use them for the summer. When summer rolls around, I usually like to end my day with an ice cold popsicle or Italian ice (Jersey girl issues). I think I’ve actually programmed it into my brain because when it gets hot…

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Asparagus & Leek Soup

asparagus and leek soup

I spent the last week in the wonderful and sunny Galapagos thanks to my kickass husband. He gifted me a trip to the Galapagos with my best friend for making it onto Masterchef- how sweet is that! I spent most of my time in the Galapagos snorkeling, on the beach and going back to a…

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